Sprinter – 15 years old

The Mercedes Sprinter has been in service 15 years this year. It was the first MB commercial vehicle to have a name instead of a number. MB followed with other new named vans and trucks in all weight classes.

Mercedes productions numbers are strong in this class with the T1 having over a million units sold and the Sprinter looking at 2 million units from 1995.

Sprinter is now on the road in more than 100 countries around the globe.

The King of Tonga is chauffeured around in a Sprinter boasting a particularly fine finish; extreme athlete Hubert Schwarz is rounding the globe by bicycle with an all-wheel-drive Sprinter as back up.

Little wonder that with successes like this to show the Sprinter has been the recipient of numerous prizes and trophies in the course of its career.

Winner of “Van of the Year” in various countries, the “German Commercial Vehicle Prize”, multiple winner in the van category in the voting for “Best Commercial Vehicles”, and in the category “Camper Van of the Year” in the James Cook camper van version – the Sprinter is one of the most highly decorated vans of all time.