Fairmont Mayakoba, Riveria Maya, Mexico.

We had a nice break last week in Mexico. The hotel was very nice and the service was really good.

theexplorerThis was my first time in Mexico in 35 years or so and on the street it has not changed one bit. Poverty, unsafe work conditions, time share hustlers at the airport and lousy workmanship at the resort hotels.

We did have fun. By putting you in an all inclusive resort hotel you don’t see the “real” Mexico and you can party hard. Most rooms had no view as the jungle was all around but the bird maggotssongs were great.

The party on Jungle night was terrific. I went as an explorer looking for bugs and later on dined on crickets and maggots – really! I am not saying alcohol had anything to do with that but it was possible. Bon Appétit!

Special forces: What U.S. gets wrong.

An interesting piece about where our government is screwing up.


In 2015, U.S. taxpayers are providing $5.65 billion in foreign military finance, the majority of which is going to Israel and Egypt. Kenya, meanwhile, was slated to receive a mere $1.2 million. Nigeria, which is grappling with the rising threat of violent extremists in the shape of Boko Haram, has been afforded only $600,000.Simply put, the United States is spreading foreign military assistance too thin, while also failing to make necessary long-term commitments.

U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers from the 3rd Special Forces Group patrol a field in the Gulistan district of Farah, Afghanistan.

It takes years to build special operations forces with credible capabilities. But although it is a worthwhile investment in terms of resources and energy, U.S. security assistance is not supporting enduring programs that build credible special operations partners.

The full story from CNN.

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